About Our Company

Midwest Generation (MWG) is a subsidiary of Edison Mission Energy (EME).

Edison Mission Group is a holding company which acts through numerous subsidiaries to manage the competitive power generation business and other unregulated subsidiaries of Edison International.

Headquartered in Irvine, California, EMG subsidiary Edison Mission Energy (EME) is an independent power producer engaged in the business of owning, leasing, operating and selling energy and capacity from electric power generation facilities. EME conducts price risk management and energy trading activities through Edison Mission Marketing and Trading (EMMT), which is based in Boston. EMMT also manages retail electric power and energy sales made by Edison Mission Solutions, LLC

EME subsidiary Midwest Generation (MWG) operates six electric power generating plants in Illinois and supervises operation of the EME Homer City Generation plant in Homer City, Pennsylvania. The MWG and Homer City plants are coal-fired merchant plants, producing power that is not committed to be sold under long-term contracts. Most of these plants’ output is sold into the PJM Interconnection, LLC, commonly referred to as the PJM marketplace (Pennsylvania-Jersey-Maryland), a 13-state region which extends from the Atlantic coast westward to Illinois.

EME subsidiary Edison Mission Operations & Maintenance, Inc. (EMOMI), operates nine natural gas plants in partnership with other companies in California and a waste coal plant in West Virginia. EMOMI also operates EMG’s wind farms. Power from most of these facilities is sold under contracts to various utilities.

The capital and financial services business of EMG is managed by Edison Capital, which has investments worldwide in energy and infrastructure projects, including power generation, electric transmission and distribution, transportation and telecommunications. Edison Capital also has investments in affordable housing projects located throughout the United States.

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